Friday, May 25, 2007

Democratic National Committee Wants Amnesty For Illegal Alien Invaders

Democratic National Committee (DNC) Wants Amnesty For Illegal Alien Invaders

Yesterday I recieved in the mail the 2007 Grassroots Survey... from the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and was surprised there were no questions about enforcing the border, prosecuting employers of illegal aliens, and arresting elligal aliens and sending them home. There was no mention about H1B visas where aliens are legally brought to America to perform work that American citizens are willing, able, and qualified to perform. They asked about outsourcing manufacturing jobs overseas, but no about service jobs.

It is all about good paying jobs in America, stupid.

The American public is not stupid to realize the immigration bill is so complex, a work of art to confuse and dazzle everyone, just bullstuff...and even possible acceptable things are not enforceable. We have simple rules about immigration now and they are not enforced...we know a more complex set of rules will never work.

American labor has lost tens of millions of jobs already overseas and tens of millions more within America. The American worker has been sucker punched by Congress, the President, and big business. Salary and benefit levels have fallen for Americans lucky to obtain jobs. The DNC does not accept that the American middle class is America's backbone and the more you harm them, the more Ameica will suffer. Brilliant authoratarian minds forecast another 40 million jobs can transfer overseas within the next few years.

Right now it seems a dealbreaker to any middle class American citizen that wants a good paying job with good benefits now and for his or her children and grandchildren.

I want the employers of illegal aliens to be punished. I want the H1B visa holders to be sent back from America to their home countries. I want the Mexican border to be secure. I want the illegal aliens sent home. I want all American government including federal, state, and local, contracts to go to American companies who will hire Americans. I want American agencies that already govern industries such as consumer banking and public utilities that are primarily funded by American citizen consumers to mandate recruitment of American citizens.

A two society nation is wrong. Now some jobs in America are denied English only speakers. Thousands of qualified teachers lost there jobs because they were not certified English as a second language qualified. I saw what bilingualism has done to Canada and I reject it for America. Some of it is already happening in America. If you do not speak Spanish today, you will be forced to tomorrow and your children and grandchildren will be speaking Spanish also.

Governor of Arizona Richardson says it is not worthwhile to build a ten foot border fence because they will come with an eleven foot ladder. Governor Richardson then you cover the fence with razor wire and if that does not work then electrify the fence. If that does not work, then land mine the fence area. America must have secure borders.

Senator Kennedy from Massachusettes like to have photo ops with California Catholic clergy about saving the illegal aliens. He should better stand for protecting children from being raped by clergy. The Catholic executive priests have been weasels in protection priests rather than our children. Many Catholic organizations have faced large suits from their victims and have gone to bancruptcy court to minimize payment. The Bishops and Cardinals and Kennedy should have had a no tolerance of the rape of our children and gotten rid of all of the bad apples.

I usually do not complain when minor relatively harmless things are attempted to be done by others. But amnesty is like suicide for America especially the middle class. Ignoring offshoring of American manufacturing and service jobs is hateful of Americans. Ignoring the H1B problem is rediculous. Ignoring the alien invasion is just plain dumb. Good paying American jobs are demanded by all middle class Americans.

American citizens are fed up with the policies of George Bush and it should be a breeze to gain the Presidency and the House and Senate during the next Presidential election, but the Democratic National Committee (DNC) is committing suicide. If you favor the Mexicans, Indians, and Chinese then go live there. I want America for American citizens.

I have zero tolerance for those that ignor the illegal aliens and their employers. I have zero tolerance for those that promote the H1B program and do not send them back to their home countries. I have zero tolerance for giving taxpayer funds to foreign countries or allow American companies to hire H1B aliens to satisfy American governemnt contracts. I have zero tolerance when my bank, broker, electric company, water company, gas company, telephone company, and cable company who benefit from billions of consumer dollars can fire Americans and hire aliens offshore or sponsor H1B aliens. I have zero tolerance for those that do not protect our borders. I have zero tolerance for English Spanish bilingualism as a standard for America. I have zero tolerance for aliens to be granted citizenship if they do not speak English.

Hillary, Richardson, and Obama right now you can kiss my vote goodbye. The Democratic National committee should rethink its direction or else the Democratic party will suffer more than the damage George Bush has done to the Republican party. The DNC should not ignor the American citizens and self destruct.