Sunday, July 01, 2007

America Clearly Is No Place To Get Sick

America Clearly Is No Place To Get Sick

Sickening portrait of U.S. health care
Michael Moore puts focus on America's ill
Jay Stone, CanWest News ServicePublished: Friday, June 29, 2007
Written and directed by: Michael Moore


Lat night, Saturday, Jube 30, 2007, I saw SICKO in a theater at the Metro Park Shopping Center in Edison, New Jersey and was glad I did and recommend everyone to go see it too.

He tried to show some of the problems with healthcare in America He tried to give us a picture of healthcare in Canada, Great Britain, France, and Cuba. There were some alarming parts to the movie and some funny ones too. The big message was that America needs universal healthcare and is embarassing itself among all other industrial countries for not doing so.

Michael Moore gets on his soapbox and can tell the story best himself. Go watch this movie.

The healthcare story should be also told by respected jouralists. Most americans are ignorant on the healthcare issues. We should know the truth about the Canadian, British, French and even the Cuban healthcare systems. We should know much more about the facts of the American healthcare system.

I think it is true that America is failing quickly among other industrial nations on the quality of Healthcare for its citizens and America can do better.

Watch Michael Moore's SICKO movie and then do some research on your own about the issues.